Belarus, Brest Region

About Brest

Brest is located in a southwest of Belarus at frontier with Poland. It is a city with interesting history.These places always drew attention – beautiful landscapes, a good grounds, trading ways. As the city is located at the border, it often became object of struggle and military collisions, time and again has been destroyed and plundered.

Basic information

Brest it also industrial centre. Here there is a factory over release of gas cookers ‘Gefest’, electromechanical factory and electrolamp factory, the light industry enterprises. Are working furniture factory and souvenirs factory. Factory of building materials and factory of products from ferro-concrete.


You can hop into a tube that looks like a big rubber doughnut and take a relaxing float down this river. Today the river looks quite broad in Brest. The terrain is fairly flat around Brest. The river has an extremely broad floodplain, that is about 2–3 km across. Brest was subject to flooding in the past. One of the worst floods in recorded history occurred in 1974.
This medieval forest is home to rare European bison (wisent). There is a museum and a zoo, available for tourists in the forest, animals can be seen in enclosures all the year round.


Today Brest is a beautiful modern city. If to speak about sights of a Brest. a place with which it is necessary to begin acquaintance to city - a memorial complex the Brest fortress – the hero, the Citadel. Begin with this place not only because it is a heroism symbol but also because the city history begin here. Island on crossing of two rivers where Berestje (the first name of a city) has been formed. Archeological excavations testify to it - on depth about four meters is found the ancient constructions. On this place the Archaeological museum of Berestje now works. In Citadel territory also are - a museum of defence of the Brest fortress and is art museum. Here it is possible to see Nikolaev church in which in 1596 has been signed document according to which there was an association of Catholic and Orthodox Churches in territory of Rechi Pospolitoj. On crossing of the main city streets – Lenin and the prospectus of Masherova is the museum of the rescued art values. Are works of art and the antiques confiscated by employees of the Brest customs. In a direction to Lenin’s square it is possible to see the Brest drama theatre and a puppet theatre – founders of the international theatrical festival Belaya Vezha which opens here annually with 1996.It is necessary to take a walk on the main city street - Sovietskaya. The oldest street of Brest but are very beautiful. This favourite seat of rest and purchases of many inhabitants and city visitors where are located the considerable quantity of shops, trading places, cinemas, cafe, pizzerias.In the street it is possible to see the Nikolaev cathedral constructed in 1904-1906. Over the street Sovietskaya we go towards prospectus of Masherova. Here is located the central department store of a city. Behind a hotel Brest-Intourist is one more monument of architecture - the Simeonovsky cathedral 1865-1868.

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Держатель квартиры хам и грубиян, квартира ужасная
Держатель квартиры хам и грубиян, квартира ужасная
За честный отзыв (да не велеколепный, но на 7 из 10) получила ведро помоев смской. Хозяин полный неадекват. Квартира не соответствует фотографиям. Поберегите деньги и нервы.
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Лучший отель в Бресте
Лучший отель в Бресте
Рекомендую всем! Просторный номер. Персонал очень дружелюбный и приветливый, обслуживание на высоте просто супер!!! Посетил их ресторан, красивый, столы расположены правильно, соседние столики не мешают. Блюда бесподобные, советую попробовать оленину. Место класс и цены приемлемые.
Ivan G (Москва)
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